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About Us

Kart Plaza Manufacturing, Philippines leading professional kart company was set up approximately 23 years ago by Mr. Johnny G. Tan. It was then a small operation, compared to what it is today. In the early days, the company was based in Makati, Philippines.

The business has now progressed to be a complete family affair, with Mr. Johnny Tan’s siblings namely, David G. Tan, Edward G. Tan, George G. Tan, and Melba Tan Te joining him. On their own accord, Mr. Johnny G. Tan underwent trainings for the sole purpose of improving his kart driving skills, as well as servicing and kart event organizing. They believe firmly that, to strive for excellence in their competitive business, they must have better experience and advantage over other karters. Their wise mentality and investment has paid off handsomely now, with their success both on track and off the track.

The young entrepreneur has learned his business very well and Kart Plaza Manufacturing is heading for greater heights and success in the business field of kart racing. It is involved in the distribution of Motor Racing Equipment, Golf Cars, and other racing accessories. This group owns and operates two race tracks in Cavite and Batangas.

The company also actively sells racing Go Karts and pioneered the promotion of Formula III Racing Cars in the Philippines. It is also actively engaged in the promotion and sales of Yamaha Golf Cars for golf courses and utility vehicles for large manufacturing facilities, parks and amusement centers in the Philippines. It was year 1988 when Kart Plaza awarded the exclusive distributorship of Yamaha Golf Car. During that time, golf courses are being built all over the Philippines and has been seen the potential of the golf car to have a big market in the golf industry.

All partners have extensive experience in trading business and began working together to reach its vision to become the number one supplier of golf cars in the Philippines.


Carmona Race Track - a 1.02 km length race located at Bangkal, Carmona, Cavite. It is a race track accredited by CIK/FIA. A Kart Track that have passed the International Standards in terms of facilities, safety requirements, amenities and configuration.

Batangas Racing Circuit - a 2.8 km length race track equipped with motor sport facilities and amenities. The circuit was developed to meet the International Standards as prescribed by FIA to be able to host various motor sports activities such as Drag Racing, Circuit Racing, Karting, Motocross, Road Racing and Slalom.

Boomland Kart Circuit- a 515 meter racing circuit.It is located at Right next to: CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard Pasay City, Manila, PHILIPPINES